Washed Up - Shop Story

I started Washed-Up in 2016, mostly out of necessity. 
As an English graduate working as an Accounts Administrator I was already way off track from where I wanted to be in life. I was also working for a company that made and sold promotional plastic bags, plastic pens, plastic USBs; things designed to be used once and thrown away. In working there, I was supporting an industry that was damaging the planet.

I had collected sea glass whenever I went beachcombing, but never did much with it. The reason I would go is because the beach has a magical way of clearing my head. The only troubles I had there, were the rubbish and plastic crap that was washing up on the shore at my feet – plastic crap that my work at the time contributed to.

I was not in a position then to throw the job in, but I had to do something that would exercise my creativity, and also help the environment I depended on so much for my sense of well-being. 

 I started drilling sea glass and at first, I cracked more pieces than I successfully drilled, but eventually I got the hang of it and slowly honed my designs until I found the signature 'Washed-Up' style.

No two pieces of jewellery I make are the same, they couldn’t be! Sea glass comes in all shapes and sizes with all kind of little quirks that make each piece unique. My jewellery and home wares make a perfect gift to anyone who loves having a touch of nature in their lives.

The most amazing thing about sea glass is that nature takes our waste glass, and turns it into something beautiful. All it takes is waves and time to soften the sharp edges and wear down the imperfections (kind of like us in our own lives). But nature cannot do that with plastic.

Plastic cannot be made better, prettier or given a new lease on life by nature. Plastic is killing nature, particularly in our oceans where marine life is suffering under the weight of mankind's greed and laziness. This is why I ask everyone who shops with Washed-Up to do a 2-minute beach clean with each purchase, and participate in (or even organise!) local beach cleans.

I believe one person making a difference can become ten people making a difference, and ten people can become a hundred. Start with yourself and see what happens.

If you have any questions or just want to chat about all things ocean conservation, please feel free to message me or email soph [!at] washed-up.com

Thanks lovely beach-huggers! 
Soph x

Instagram: washedup_seaglass
Etsy: WashedUpHandcrafted

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